Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Transferring large sites to GA4, and setting over 100 properties

  • GA4 measurement design and installation on apps and websites.

  • Real data import design

  • Data export design to BigQuery

  • Advertising measures linked with audience data

  • Collect offline and online data to improve the measurability of marketing measures and visualize their effects

  • Build a CDP that integrates and analyzes the collected data, and analyzes the direct and indirect effects of measures

  • Utilize data integration analysis results to implement measures to improve marketing effectiveness

What is GA4?

Latest version of Google Analytics

GA4 is the official name Google Analytics 4 property. Released in October 2020, The latest version of Google Analytics.

With the announcement of Google, conventional GA (Universal Analytics = UA) will end and discontinue officially on July 1, 2023.

It is recommended to operate UA and GA4 in parallel

Since UA and GA4 are tools with completely different specifications,

Data migration
Data transfer

You can not.

To get used to new specifications and to confirm numerical differences with conventional data We recommend that you set a period to operate UA and GA4 in parallel.

GA4 is a completely different tool from UA

  • User-centered event measurement

  • Measurement with a focus on privacy

  • Providing functions that utilize machine learning

When Should GA4 Be Implement?

Implemented GA4 introduction and various maintenance at an early stage, Build an environment that can acquire data appropriately

If you migrated just before


・Since there is no operation in parallel, The numerical / data difference between UA and GA4 cannot be verified.

If you migrate early


・You can set a period to operate in parallel, hence It is possible to verify the numerical difference between UA and GA4, and it allows time for machine learning.

Analytics across devices

GA4 can cross devices and browsers and analyze per user. Using the explore function, it is also possible to examine the data overlap of segments by device.

*Conditions apply for use




across devices and browsers (websites/apps)
Could not be identified as behavior of the same user.

from now



To be identified as a single user
User behavior can be analyzed correctly

Less default report items, but more flexible report creation Recommended to use in combination with Data Portal etc.

  • Since UA and GA4 have different units of measurement, the report screen has a completely different design

  • Currently, the number of GA4 report items is less than 20, and the standard report only includes basic indicators

  • Basically, it is necessary to master “search”, which has a high degree of freedom and allows you to create customized reports

  • It is also recommended to combine with other tools such as Data Portal for analysis




from now



Summary of transition to GA4


Ideally, it should be transferred early and set up a period to operate UA and GA4 in parallel

We will complete the introduction of GA4 and various maintenance as soon as possible, Let's build an environment that can properly acquire data.


Data cannot be migrated or transferred from UA to GA4

GA4 is a completely different tool from UA, so data cannot be migrated or taken over. Also, since it is measured by event, it is necessary to manually set each one.


GA4 has different specifications from UA

From measurement based on sessions to event measurement based on users, Completely different specifications. Of course, it is also possible for our company to support such as holding a subcommittee.

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